Friday, November 16, 2007

Something quick and easy for "date night"...

Creamy Swiss Quiche

Every other Wednesday night, my mom, my sister, and I have"date night". We get together at one of our houses, make dinner, and currently, watch old episodes of Six Feet Under (I suppose when we finish those, we'll have to move on to something else). It's a great way to make sure the three of us get to spend time alone together, share a meal, and catch up on each other's lives.

The last time it was my turn to host our date night, I had to work late and I needed something fairly simple to throw together, so I made this quiche. I know some of my fellow bloggers will probably knock me for this, but...I used Bisquick. I actually "like" Bisquick, and use the HeartSmart version in a couple of my recipes. I know baking mixes are not so popular among foodie circles, but I always have a box in my cupboard. It's great for making bready casserole/quiche-type dishes when you don't want to mess with making a crust from scratch, and the HeartSmart stuff isn't too bad for you.

I love the flavor and ease of this particular quiche, and it went over well on date night with some fruit and a salad with caramelized almonds. Long live Bisquick - and long live date night, which I so look forward to every other week!


Sheena said...

Who would ever knock Bisquick? I love the stuff!

Elisabeth said...

Sheena, so glad to hear from a fellow Bisquick-lover! Thanks!