Sunday, February 17, 2008

Healthy, Hearty Muffins

Banana Orange Oat Muffins

I just baked a batch of these muffins last night, and tried my first one for breakfast this morning. I have to say, I'm pretty happy with them. They're denser and heartier than a lot of the other muffins in my breakfast repertoire - almost like a bran muffin. I love the hint of citrus flavor that the orange zest adds to the recipe, and the crunchiness of the oats. I almost left the raisins out, because I usually don't care for raisins in baked goods, but I'm glad I didn't - they added an extra dimension of flavor and texture that I liked. The next time I make these, I might try chopped dates instead of raisins just to see which I like better. Either way, I'll definitely be adding these to my breakfast rotation!

On another note, I've been "tagged" by Lia from Swirling Notions to share "seven random truths about myself"'s my first official tag (very exciting!), so I feel I must participate. :) Here goes (and apologies to those of you who know me in real life - none of this will be news to you!):

1. I rotate the dishes in my cupboard to be sure they all get used evenly.
2. When I was in college, I volunteered as an advocate for victims of domestic violence. I think it was one of best experiences I've ever had.
3. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 20, and I would gladly give it up any day. I hate driving.
4. I don't like writing with pencils.
5. I love making lists.
6. I named my car Oliver.
7. I have an undying crush on Martin Zellar, formerly of the Gear Daddies. I think he's an incredibly talented singer and songwriter.

Okay, now I'm supposed to tag seven more bloggers:

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Tag - you're it!


Erika W. said...

I'm going to have to do a "Tag, I'm It" round up later this week. :-)

Elisabeth said...

Sounds good, Erika! I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha. You not only rotate dishes, but all inanimate objects get their fair turn. You are very sensitive.

Elisabeth said...

Hmm...Anonymous, sounds like you know me pretty well. :)

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness, I'm running out of facts. It may take me a couple of weeks to come up with some.

Elisabeth said...

Tracy, I know there's been lots of tags going around lately...definitely don't worry about if you don't want to do another one - I won't take it personally! :)

Anonymous said...

there is a name for giving inanimate objects the attention you would give living things. i cannot remember what it is. i have heard from a reliable source that your greatest pleasure in life used to be giving people personal "tours" of your christmas tree, treating each ornament as if it had feelings - never delegating the ugly ornaments to the back of the tree. (ie the "humanbean") you are adorable. ha! that last statement
may make one think that i know you very well :) !

Elisabeth said...

Hmmm...all these anonymous comments on this blog lately have created quite the guessing game for me! Anonymous - yes, if you know about the infamous "Human Bean", it definitely means you are part of the inner circle! You must know me very well. :)