Monday, March 17, 2008

Three Cheers for My Crock Pot

Over the weekend, I did lots of cooking and baking and one of the best things to come out of my endeavors was this turkey soup - another slow cooker success! It's warm and comforting (which is a good thing, because yes, we have fresh snow here in Minnesota again - ugh), and it's got just enough of a spicy kick to make it interesting. Because it's a broth-based soup, it's relatively low in fat and calories, but it's loaded with enough chunks of tomatoes, black beans, and turkey to really fill you up. Corn bread would be the perfect accompaniment for this soup - unfortunately, my corn bread this weekend was not as successful as this soup, so I'll have to keep working on that one. This now makes...count them...THREE reliable recipes that have turned out well in my slow cooker - I think I'm finally starting to like the blasted thing!


Tracy said...

Well, in New York, we have fresh rain, turning the piles of snow into gray mounds! Doesn't make for a pretty Easter.

By the way, my son is doing a HUGE "state fair" project, and he picked Minnesota! I'm learning all about it. Have you ever been turkey bowling?

I have about 3 things I make in the crock pot. I may have to try that recipe!

Elisabeth said...

Tracy, yuck. Dirty half-melted snow is so depressing. I have not been turkey bowling...I actually have no clue what it is! I tried googling it and I still can't figure it out, so now I'm EXTREMELY curious - you have to fill me in! And I now have exactly three things I make in the crockpot, too - we're even. :)