Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bringing the Big Apple to Cathedral Hill

Black and White Cookies

Since I'm from Minnesota, and unfortunately know precious little about New York culture, I had never heard of "black and white cookies" before stumbling across this recipe when searching for new cookies to try. Apparently, if you've ever lived in New York, these cookies are nothing new to you - it sounds like they're a popular New York tradition. After making this recipe, I have to say...the rest of the country is missing out! These are thick, soft, cake-y cookies, and the icings add just the right amount of sweetness and visual appeal. I made a batch of these for Dariush's mom for Mother's Day, and was pleased with the results - they're just so pretty and unique. Of course, we kept a few leftover cookies for ourselves, and Dariush especially loved these. I made smaller cookies so we would have more of them - but if you want to make true New York black and white cookies, you'll have to make them really big - 1/2 cup of batter for each cookie! I'm so glad I'm aware of these cookies now...I think a trip to NYC is in short order so I can taste the real thing. Who wants to come with me?


Anonymous said...

I have tried these and have been craving them ever since. They are absolutely TO DIE FOR!

Elisabeth said...

Anna, I forgot that you tried one that day you came over! They're good, huh? I think they might be one of DR's favorite things I've ever made!