Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcoming Fall with Open Arms

Cranberry Barbecue Beef

The temperature outside seems to indicate that fall has finally arrived in Minnesota, and I couldn't be more ready for it. In fact, I couldn't really wait for it cool down enough last week to make one of my favorite cool weather recipes: these lovely beef sandwiches (as you can see from the photo, we had quite the contrast of seasons on our plates - cranberry beef and watermelon, which was still looking really good at the store a week ago). This is a great recipe to make on a weekend when you're just hanging around the house - braising the meat takes a few hours, so it's the perfect thing to have simmering on the stove on a chilly Sunday afternoon. The result is an amazingly tender, peppery, sweet-smoky shredded beef that makes delicious sandwiches or a comforting dinner served over mashed potatoes. Don't you just love fall?


Nicol said...

I do love fall. And watermelon! That sandwich is lookin' good too! ;)

Elisabeth said...

I just knew you'd appreciate this post - for the watermelon if nothing else. :)