Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have A LOT of apples!

Thanks to my dad, there were three HUGE boxes of apples lining my basement stairs last week from the apple trees at his house. I was a bit overwhelmed when I saw how many he brought me - I'm telling you, it was A LOT of apples. A LOT. But, I'm proud to say that I am overwhelmed no longer: Dariush and I have made quite a dent in the apples in the past week, and now we only have one box left! I made an apple cake that turned out fabulously, and a crockpot apple-squash soup, and Dariush used several pounds to start a batch of apple wine.

...Apple wine, you say? Yup, that's right. I'm not too sure about it either. We'll see how that one turns out in the weeks to come.

Anyway, these apples, although they weren't all pretty to look at, have turned out to be great apples for cooking and baking and I've had a lot of fun with my own personal little applefest in the kitchen. Thanks for the delicious apples, Dad!

I'll post photos and recipes later this week. Anyone brave enough to come over to our house for a glass of apple wine in the next month or so, let me know...


Amy said...

Okay, I'm brave...and ANY wine is good wine...let me know when the apple wine is ready!

Elisabeth said...

DR just put it in the glass carboy a couple days should be ready soon!