Friday, October 5, 2007

Scones and coffee

Whole-Wheat Cranberry Scones

Scones and coffee are one of the best quick breakfasts around, if you ask me (or my friend Kelly!). The whole-wheat flour in these scones give them a hearty, healthy flavor. The combination of tangy cranberries and citrusy orange zest make this my current favorite scone recipe (but I make a lot of scones, so that could change at any given time...). If you've never had a scone before, please note that scones are generally a bit dry - don't be surprised by this! That's why a steaming mug of coffee is the perfect accompaniment on a chilly fall morning.

*see the flowers in the photo? My mom added those - nice touch, Mom! :)


Anonymous said...

yes, these scones for breakfast are
very satisfying - especially when eaten with pink daisies.(my touch)
elisabeth's mom

Elisabeth said...

Thanks, Mom. :)