Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let's hear it for Uncle Art!

Wild Rice Soup

This recipe first came to me from my good friend's her Uncle Art's famous Wild Rice Soup. For years, it was my absolute favorite - it was the meal I requested for my birthday, one of the only things I wanted when I didn't feel well...everyone in my family has come to love Uncle Art's soup as much as everyone in Kate's family does. As I've started cooking more and exploring new recipes, I've found other soups that I really love as well...but this soup is still - and always will be - one of my favorites. The recipe I use has been subject to many modifications over time (mostly by mom, who found ways to make it a lot healthier - thanks Mom!), and I'm sure it's not quite the same as Uncle Art's anymore. Maybe Kate will chime in and share his original recipe when she has the chance. In any case...thank you, Benson family for passing along such a well-loved recipe to us!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, hearty soup for the winter!

Elisabeth said...

Yes, it is perfect for winter time. :)