Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cassie!

Banana Cream Pie

I've started a tradition at my workplace: every teacher gets to pick their absolute favorite dessert and I make it for everyone on their birthday. This has been a really fun thing to do so far - it's a great way to recognize everyone's birthday at work, since we're all so busy in our classrooms all day. Also, it's very fun for me because I have an excuse to learn how to make new desserts, like this pie! Cassie was the first teacher at the center to have a birthday since I decided to do this, and she told me that banana cream pie was her favorite dessert. I scoured all my cookbooks and searched for recommendations on message boards to find the best banana cream pie recipe, and this one from Bon Appetit's RSVP section came out on top. It's the recipe from a Memphis restaurant called McEwen's on Monroe that's famous for its banana cream pie. It's unique, distinguishing factor is the mashed banana baked into the graham cracker crust. Here's what it looked like before I added the whipped cream:Just looking at all those bananas floating in creamy vanilla custard makes me happy, because this pie was so good. Until this pie, I'm pretty sure the only banana cream pie I've ever had has been from Baker's Square, and while I do like banana cream pie from Baker's Square, I can now definitively say that this is the best banana cream pie I've ever had. So, I'm very glad Cassie gave me the opportunity to learn how to make this...she's a fabulous teacher and I hope she had a wonderful birthday.


Anonymous said...

Wow - this looks wonderful! You may have to make it again for the fam sometime soon.

Tracy said...

What a nice idea! My dad's favorite dessert is banana cream pie. Looks good!

Michelle said...

I love banana cream pie. Cheesecake Factory has a banana cream cheesecake that I'm dying to make. I found a copycat recipe and am just looking for the occasion to try it.

How many teachers do you have at your school? If I made banana cream pie for all of my teachers, I'd have to cook at least 8 of them. Not gonna happen!

Elisabeth said...

Anna, thanks! I think I should make this one for our family soon - I know you and Mom would really like it, since you like Swedish torta, and it's the same flavors. :)

Tracy, banana cream pie is one of MY dad's favorite desserts too! I even gave him a piece of the "test pie" I made of this recipe before the birthday bash. What a coincidence!

Michelle, we have a pretty small staff...only 13 of us total. I only made two pies. Other schools I've worked at have had much a bigger's nice to be small enough to bake for everyone! There's NO WAY I'd be doing 8 pies either. :)

lele said...

i love your new format. the white is so clean and classy. i am glad you kept the picture of the cathedral. could you make it float in the clouds? love, lele

Elisabeth said...

Mom. thanks! I'm glad you like the new format - I'm really liking it, too. DR and I are trying to figure out how to get a big photo of the cathedral on the banner up top, so that's "kind of" floating in the's on my LONG list of things to do today! Love you!