Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sometimes A Girl Just Wants Some Fries

Barbecue Fries

I crave fried food as much as the next person...and sometimes I give in and head down to our favorite local bar, Costello's, which has fabulous burgers and fries. Most of the time, though, since I am making a concerted effort to eat healthfully, I find a way to make whatever unhealthy food I'm craving at home - and make it in a way that's just a little bit healthier than eating out. This barbecue version gets it flavor from a coating of barbecue sauce and spices instead of the deep fryer. They're a little spicy for me (I'm a pretty big wimp when it comes to spice levels), so I like to cool them off a bit by dipping them in sour cream...they also feel a bit more indulgent that way. These fries won't ever take over the place in my heart I've saved for the occasional greasy bar food, but they're very good in their own right - and it's always good to have alternatives!


Tracy said...

Yum. Although I think my family would dip theirs in Ranch dressing.

Elisabeth said...

Tracy, that sounds really good too!