Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hooray for Spring!

Raspberry Chicken

Last night, I had the perfect spring meal: wild rice, a spinach salad with fresh berries, and a chicken breast sauteed in this delicious sauce from The Silver Palate Cookbook. It was light, fresh, and a little elegant...everything you could possibly want a spring dinner to be. The co-op down the street had raspberries on sale a couple days ago, so I picked some up on a whim, then came home and found this chicken recipe. The chicken breasts are browned in a little butter, then set aside while a simple sauce of finely chopped onions, raspberry vinegar, cream, and a bit of tomato sauce is prepared. The chicken is then returned to the pan to simmer in the sauce, and finally, a few fresh raspberries are poached and sprinkled over the top. The result is a fabulous contrast of sweet and tangy flavors that elevates the sometimes-boring chicken breast into something worthy of a special occasion. Although this would make a great meal for guests, it's easy enough to throw together for a quick weeknight meal - as I did last night - and just enjoy by yourself on a warm evening. Don't you just love spring?


Tracy said...

What a colorful plate of food! I haven't made that recipe but I love the Silver Palate books. My favorite is the New Basics.

Elisabeth said...

Tracy, I like New Basics, too - their corn chowder is one of my absolute favorite soup recipes.