Saturday, May 31, 2008

Muesli: My Favorite Summer Breakfast

Swiss Muesli

I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite recipe between the Mediterranean version I last posted about and this Swiss muesli. They really aren't all that different, to tell you the truth: this version features green apples and dried cranberries instead of apricots and dates, and doesn't use any honey, so it's a little less sweet and more tart than the Mediterranean muesli, but the base ingredients of yogurt, milk, and rolled oats are the same. Both kinds are a fabulous way to start off my morning, so...I think I'll skip choosing a favorite, and just alternate between these two recipes all summer long. Sounds like a good plan, doesn't it?

**Happy Grand 'Ole Day, St Paul readers!**


Joe said...

Okay, so we finally went to the big day, but I don't think I "got" it.

It seemed like a big crowd of people who just walked up and down 22 blocks doing nothing but watching other people? You know, State fair crowds without the state fair stuff to do?

We came later in the day, but it was fairly odd... I think I expected too much!

Anonymous said...

Muesli looks great. How well does it keep when made in advance?

Elisabeth said...

Joe, what a bummer! We went to the parade - it started at 10:00 - that's usually one of my favorite parts of Grand 'Ole Day. Most of the rest of the day, we just visit people in the neighborhood that are having parties. Otherwise, most people hanging out on Grand go see the bands - they play at a few different stages. There weren't any bands we were too excited about this year, though. :)

Anna, muesli keeps for about 3-4 days in the fridge - so I usually make a batch and eat it for breakfast for a few days, then make another batch. You just have to stir it up every morning!