Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Muffins with a Surprise Inside

Cinnamon Jam Muffins

I think I've found a new favorite muffin recipe! I'll admit, I didn't have high hopes for these when I first looked at the recipe...jam inside a muffin sounded a bit odd to me, and the ingredients looked like they might produce a fairly bland muffin. These turned out to be such a happy surprise! I've decided that jam inside a muffin is not odd at all - it's ingenious. The little fruit-filled pocket in the center of each muffin adds moisture and flavor, and the cinnamon-spiked batter is the perfect compliment to the jam. I've used strawberry jam both times I've made these, but I'm anxious to try them with homemade rhubarb jam this summer. These were a big hit at work: almost more popular than my Cinnamon Scones - which says a lot about how good they are, because everyone at work loves the Cinnamon Scones! They also come together quickly and are fairly healthy, so I'm certain this will be going to the top of my "most-used recipe" pile.


Anonymous said...

These look WONDERFUL! I wish I worked in your office so I had baked goods around all the time!

Elisabeth said...

I'm lucky to be able to bake for people at work who are so appreciative! It's nice to be able to take all my treats to work so I don't eat them ALL at home. :)