Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

We celebrated my good friend Amanda's birthday at work a few weeks ago, and she wanted a chocolate-mint ice cream cake for her birthday. This has been one of my biggest baking challenges to date: I had never made an ice cream cake before, and was unsure how to go about it. After consulting many recipes for different versions of ice cream cake, I ended up taking my inspiration from this post on Baking Bites, a site I just discovered that has lots of wonderful dessert recipes.

I made two layers of my mom's famous chocolate cake, sandwiched a layer of mint chocolate chip ice cream in between, and frosted the whole thing with vanilla buttercream. The finished cake, in my humble opinion, was out of this world. Not too fancy or gourmet, but absolutely fabulous nonetheless. I used mint chocolate chip ice cream per Amanda's request, but I'm excited to try this cake again with other ice cream my favorite, raspberry chocolate chip!

Since we're not a large group, I made a standard 9-inch round cake for our staff. If you wanted to take this cake to a larger gathering, you could easily double the recipe and make a large sheet cake, as Nicole does on Baking Bites. Plan ahead for some freezer space before you make this, since you will need to store the cake in the freezer at various stages. Here's a photo before the cake was frosted - it kind of looks like a giant Oreo!
Amanda is our incredibly patient, creative, organized toddler teacher and she's one of the biggest assets we have at the center - in addition to being a wonderful friend! I've known Amanda for a long time, and I'm thrilled to have her on our staff team. This cake was challenging, and I don't know that I would have done it for just anyone...but if anyone deserves a fabulous cake on her birthday, it's Amanda. Happy birthday!


Amanda said...

Well Ms. Liz, I certainly appreciated the effort put forth into my cake (I had 3 pieces!). And thanks for such wonderful praise...I needed to hear it...because those little ones have been stressin' me out with their behaviors :) Thanks again for being such a great friend and boss!

Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic. I may be requesting for my birthday, or can we come up with another special occasion in the meantime? My half birthday is 8/3.

Tracy said...

Yum! Looks delicious. Hope your friend had a good birthday.

Elisabeth said...

Amanda, I meant every word! I'd make you an ice cream cake every week if I could...but that probably wouldn't be good for ANYONE. :)

Anna, I would love to do a half-birthday cake for you since I didn't get to make you a birthday cake in February! Excellent idea - I am all over it!

Thanks, Tracy. :)