Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Maria!

Black Bottom Cupcakes

I've been looking for an excuse to try David Lebovitz's popular cupcakes for a while now, and finally found an opportunity - my friend Maria's birthday! Chocolate cupcakes with a cheesecake-like center, these cupcakes definitely lived up to the fabulous reputation they've earned among many bakers I know: there aren't many desserts where you get cheesecake and chocolate in every bite. In addition to tasting incredible, they're also really easy to transport because they aren't frosted, so they're a great option for when you need to bring something to a party.

Maria is one of the new friends I've made in my book club. I liked her instantly the first time I met her - she loves food and books, two qualities that are pretty much guaranteed to make you my friend. She's also funny, smart, and compassionate...most definitely deserving of a fantastic dessert on her birthday, don't you think? Happy birthday, Maria!


Anonymous said...

YUM! I have had these and they are delicious. Very rich and not too sweet. The perfect dessert.

Elisabeth said...

Anna, you haven't had them when I've made them, have you? You must know someone else who makes black bottom cupcakes! They're good, aren't they?