Monday, December 8, 2008

Cookie Nirvana

Oatmeal Cookies

Generally speaking, I like my cookies plain and unadulterated, without lots of "stuff". I realize I'm probably in the minority, but I don't like too many chocolate chips in my cookies, too many M&M's, too many raisins - you get the picture, right? That's why these oatmeal cookies suit my tastes perfectly: there's no extra chunks of anything in them to mess with my cookie zen. Once I found this recipe, I knew I'd never need to try another oatmeal cookie again: I wouldn't be able to improve on these. Simple and chewy, these cookies do have one distinction that make them stand out from the pack: a dash of holiday spices - cinnamon, ginger, and cloves - to keep them from being too plain and ordinary. Kids love these oatmeal cookies because there's nothing too fancy or foreign going on with them...and grown-ups love them, too. Because sometimes we all just want a simple plate of cookies and milk - what's more zen than that?

Last year at this time...Custardy Popovers, Wild Rice Soup, and Raspberry Cream Muffins.


Anonymous said...

Awesome cookies. I was a quite disappointed that half the batch was given to a coworker as payoff for a Cities 97 sampler.

Anonymous said...

Yum. I totally take the same approach to cookies. My coworker made an addictive batch of molasses cookies this week, and when I asked for the recipe, discovered it's from the brilliant minds at King Arthur. Are you surprised? Of course not.

He photocopied it from a book, but if you Google Soft Molasses cookies (with King Arthur), you'll find variations of it. They're very zen, so I think you'd like them.

Elisabeth said...

DR, I think half the batch was worth it for a Cities Sampler, don't you? I can make more cookies any time. :)

Carrie, how exciting to find someone that has the same cookie sentiments as I do! I'll have to check out the KAF cookies - if they're from King Arthur, I'm sure they are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I still need the Sampler. Who can I make cookies for?

Elisabeth said...

Depends. What kind of cookies are you making? I'm willing to consider offers...lately I've been feeling in a peanut butter cookie sort of mood.