Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Fast and the Fabulous

I've been on the lookout lately for meals that can be prepared quickly with relatively little fuss (I haven't made a dish that requires more than 45 minutes in the kitchen from start to finish in months), and that reheat well, so we have quick, grab-and-go meals to turn to throughout the week. Quiches of all sorts are great for this: they come together fast, lend themselves to endless variations, and make excellent leftovers. If it's a crustless quiche, all the better - who has time to fuss with a crust? Versions of this spinach and turkey quiche grace our dinner table regularly - and also show up often in my lunch bag at work. Sometimes I follow the recipe exactly (it's excellent as is), sometimes I omit the turkey to make it vegetarian-friendly, sometimes I toss more vegetables in or vary the types of long as I stick to the egg-liquid-flour ratio, it turns out fabulous every time. Fabulous and fast - these days, that's my kitchen mantra.

On to other business: how about a giveaway? This one is relevant for my Twin Cities readers only: I sell Blue Sky Guides as a fundraiser for my early childhood center every fall, and I hung on to an extra one this year for Cooking in Cathedral Hill. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it's a coupon book full of discounts on local, sustainable businesses. I use it mostly for the grocery coupons - many of my favorite stores are featured (Whole Foods and Mississippi Market, for example), as well as some of my favorite brands (Organic Valley, Peace Coffee, etc.). There are also great coupons for local restaurants, activities, and other Twin Cities businesses. If you don't have one yet and you live in the area, I promise you'll love it. If you already have one (and if you know me personally, you may have purchased one from me - thank you!), maybe you know someone who would like one as a holiday gift. Either way, if you're interested in a free thank-you gift for reading my blog, let me know by leaving a comment on this post (or send me an email, if you're more comfortable with that). Nothing fancy - just say hello and let me know you're out there! I'll select a winner at random next Sunday, November 8, and contact him or her so I can ship out the Blue Sky Guide. To my beloved, non-local readers - have no fear! I've been collecting cookbooks for giveaways and I'll be sure to include everyone next time around.

Happy November, everyone!

Looking for other ways to use up a dozen eggs? Rice Omelette and Custardy Popovers.


Jay said...

I love quiche! And I like the idea of not fussing with a crust...I used to have a marble rolling pin for pastries, but it was never actually used for pastries, and then somewhere between Newton MA and Minneapolis MN it went missing. Curses on the quiche of my rolling-pin thief!

kay jay said...

I'm a coupon-fanatic, and would love to buy or win your booklet Liz. I've heard great things about cooking light, and will definitely try your crustless quiche!

Angie and Family said...

My friend Molly passed along a link to your blog. Great recipes!

nursmadeline said...

Thanks for such a quick recipe! I love quiche but often avoid it for the crust reason and time factor - I can't wait to try this crustless one. Keep the great recipes coming:) (Jay's sister Jenny)

Elisabeth said...

Jay, why am I not shocked that you once owned a marble rolling pin, nor that it has gone missing?

Hi Kali! I'm so glad you stopped by!

Hi Angie - any friend of Molly's is a friend of mine. :) Thanks for reading.

And Jenny's here again! Hooray!

We have a winner! I entered the names of all those who commented on this post and all those who emailed me into an online name drawing site, and came up with Kristine (who contacted me via email) as our lucky Blue Sky Guide recipient. Thanks for playing, everyone - and stay tuned! I've been stockpiling stuff for giveaways. :)

happygal said...

Hey Liz, we're missing you.

Elisabeth said...

Molly, I miss you too (blog-wise and personally)! Getting back on the blogging horse as I type. :)