Thursday, December 13, 2007

A great appetizer for holiday parties...

Spinach Balls

I highly recommend these delicious little spinach balls if you need a new appetizer recipe for a party this season. I tried them out as an appetizer on Thanksgiving (note to self: appetizers might really be overkill on the biggest eating day of the year), and they were a big hit! I haven't tried it myself, but I know some people make these as a "meatball alternative" for things like pasta...any excuse to make these again sounds good to me! If you want your spinach balls to be vegetarian-friendly, be sure to read the ingredient label on the stuffing mix - many of them contain chicken broth. I did manage to find one kind that didn't: Pepperidge Farm Original Stuffing Mix (it comes in a bag). I don't particularly care for stuffing mix on its own, so now I have a half a bag of this stuff leftover from making these...I may just have to make another batch very soon! Many thanks to Alysha over at The Savory Notebook for sharing this recipe - I will be using it often!

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