Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mad About Muesli

Mediterranean Muesli

I just can't get enough muesli lately...not the dry cereal kind, but this wonderful fresh combination of yogurt, oats, nuts, and fruit. This Mediterranean version uses dates, apricots, and honey for a heady sweet flavor that's offset by crunchy slivered almonds and a bit of oat bran for a healthy dose of fiber. As with most of my breakfast foods, I throw together a big batch on Sunday evenings, and then eat small portions of it throughout the week. Fresh muesli is good in my refrigerator for a maximum of four days, so I never make more than four days' worth at a time, and I always leave the fresh berries out and add them to individual portions just before eating. Now that strawberries are just starting to come into season - soon to be followed by all my other favorite berries - I'm looking forward to lots of muesli breakfasts this spring and summer.


Kim said...

This is very yummy and so good for you. I was surprised how filling it was - a little truly goes a long way!

I didn't have any berries when I was inspired to put the muesli together so I sliced pears very thinly and put them in a pretty wreath pattern on top. I'm also looking forward to using fresh peaches when they come in season.

I'll definitely make again!

Elisabeth said...

Kim, it really is pretty filling isn't it? Pears sound like a great idea - peaches too!

Diana said...

I wasn't sure that I'd like it, so I made a small batch. Now, I can't stop eating it! Thanks!

Elisabeth said...

Diana, I was very skeptical when I first looked at muesli recipes, too - glad to hear from another convert!