Sunday, March 23, 2008

Making the Most of a Sale

Baked Fish Casserole

When I saw wild-caught Pacific cod on sale at the neighborhood co-op (see why Pacific cod is a more ocean-friendly choice than Atlantic cod here), I picked up a whole bunch. I wasn't really sure what we would do with it, but I was thrilled to find such a good deal. I came home and started searching for recipes. Salmon is the only kind of fish we eat at home on a regular basis: I struggle with preparing most other kinds of fish - I usually end up drying them out. I am happy to report that I avoided the dreaded "drying out" with this fish casserole, however. DR and I both loved this - probably because the fish is complimented by some of our favorite ingredients: wine, cheese, and bread! Seriously, if you've got those three things together all in one recipe, not much can go wrong. Quick enough to throw together on a weeknight, this also reheats really well so it makes great leftovers, and just about any flaky white fish can be substituted. I probably wouldn't have taken much notice of this recipe if I hadn't found that fish on sale at Mississippi Market, but now that I know how fantastic it is, this will definitely be in the regular rotation at our house. Sale or not, if you give it a try, I think you'll be adding it your menu plans often, too!


Tracy said...

Looks great! I wish I could get my husband to eat fish.

I've had a hard time fitting in blogging, too ... and like you, I miss it when I can't get to it.

Elisabeth said...

Tracy, that's a bummer that he doesn't like fish. It's one of my favorite things!