Monday, March 2, 2009

A Meal for a Special Occasion

Black Pepper-Crusted Standing Rib Roast

I was on the look-out for a traditional-meat-and-potatoes kind of special occasion dinner that I could make for a celebration we had planned for my dad a couple months ago when I came across this recipe. I don't generally cook with large cuts of meat, so they don't often make it onto our table at home...when they do (mostly at Thanksgiving and other holidays), I want to make sure it's a really wonderful recipe - and this roast certainly met my expectations. I find large hunks of meat to be quite intimidating in the kitchen, so DR usually takes over most of the prep and cooking for these kinds of meals - he gets most of the credit for this one. And really, he deserves a lot of kudos because this roast was wonderful - probably the best I've ever had. First, the roast is slathered with a lovely concoction of cracked pepper, butter, and garlic, like this......then it's roasted in the oven to the perfect temperature (medium rare-ish). Finally, it's served with au jus that's been simmered on the stove with a little wine and some of the reserved pepper butter. With a side of creamy mashed potatoes (that make the perfect vehicle for any extra au jus), this meal is bound to impress any meat-loving guests that come to your table. And if you're not sure about trying this on your own, drop me a line...I'm happy to let you borrow DR for the evening!

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